Monday, July 5, 2010

Recipe for Fireworks

The message L.M.B. sent to Cora Huffsmith in 1912 reads:

Pocahontas, Iowa
Dear Cora:-
I'm here at last, and like the place real well. I was very sorry you didn't get home before I left as I did sure want to see you. Hope you enjoyed your vacation Write me a real long letter to keep me from getting home-sick.

Well, the front of the card does look like a potential recipe for fireworks, but here are the real recipes.   I guess you probably wanted these before yesterday, but you really wouldn't want to make them anyway. These are from a book called Lee's Priceless Recipes, published in 1895. They are for your amusement only, because you don't want to blow your hands off. But, just in case you want to peruse all of the other recipes, Lee's Priceless Recipes has been reprinted in recent years.

There are many pages of recipes for fireworks. I will just include a few:


  1. Amazing. And frightening to think people actually made their own!

  2. I suspect that they should come with a health and safety warning. Great card.

  3. this is cool !!! the topic itself already attract me :)



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