Tuesday, July 6, 2010


You can hardly see it, but there's a stamp at the top of the card that says, "Greetings from Eldredsville, Pa." The card was cut from a panel of multiple views. This one has remnants of the other views on the left and on the bottom. The card was sent almost exactly 100 years ago, with the same question many of us are asking friends and co-workers today.
The message from 1910 says:
Dear Sister. How are you. I am fine and dandy. How did you spend the 4th. I stayed at home.
You write me a letter.


  1. Another great postcard! I also love seeing the messages and handwriting from so long ago!

  2. At first I thought the question you were suggesting people were asking is "would you like a ride with me", promoting carpooling or something... Looks like they were right proud of their hayin' in Eldredsville that year. Not sure why Hazel thinks she deserves a letter, since she only sent a post card...

  3. I always think that postcard messages are the first cousins of text messages. Fine example of the delights of postcards.

  4. Too bad that nowdays we usually send a sms or e-mail... Cards are much more personal.



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