Friday, July 30, 2010

More Pugs and the Ultimate Run-On Sentence

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order.

The first one seems to be a continuation from a card I don't have and it also seems to be one incredible run-on sentence:
To day she said she was well and had sent some apples they must be at the Depot now this one is from Lynn he said tell you he had a little Jack lantern from hollowene well Ma has come up to bed and they have gone out of my place of business so I can say good by mayby hope you are both well and happy when are you coming by again that was some week  they had down your way warent it you had better walk if you come again as it will be safer good by from Josh____ Ebenezer Fry

The second one is written upside down. What is it about these pug postcards?

It says:
Dear Baby.
Hope you are better Margaret. Have been looking for a postal from mamma telling us how you are. We arrived home all safe + hope you did. We saw Uncle in E. Buffalo when we came home. grandpa hasn't arrived yet. Jim was so glad to see us. All well + hope you are from Aunt Elsie.
Oct. 30 '09

If you like pugs,you may want to check out  a few posts by Aimee over at Interesting, Old, and Vintage Postcards. Aimee actually has a pug, but she has also posted some cards of pugs here and here.


  1. What is it with Pug post cards, anyway? Why not dalmatians or chihuahuas? LOL Have a good weekend.

  2. Pugs are the best! ; ) These are great cards! I think I am out of breath reading the message on the first one!

    Thanks for the link!



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