Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Greetings to J. Wheeler Smith

I have no idea who J. Wheeler Smith was, but he received this card for his 90th birthday in 1910. Born in 1820,  J. Wheeler Smith might have been considered too old to fight in the Civil War. Imagine that. He probably died before the first World War.  His life experience was so different from mine, yet I hold this card of his in my hand. This really sums up my fascination with old postcards.

Here's the unedited message:
Please except hearty congratulations and best wishes  for this your 90th birthday. Hope you will see many more. Just recd. your kind letter.  You certainly are a wonder to me, so smart for one of your years. With all good wishes I am sincerely
Mrs. J.H. Prentice.


  1. Ria
    this is amazing. where od you find such old postcards.

  2. I too have a soft spot for old cards, though I don't collect them specifically - just have one or two that have happened my way at various times. I loved this one!

  3. it's a beautiful card!
    the message is so formal, i wonder what the relationship was?

  4. Very pretty card, I like the collage fore-mid-back ground effect of 'real' flowers, the flowers on the card, and the break-thru to the landscape scene (with the sender's name floating over the horizon...) - sort of a victorian/art nouveau mash up! Hope it brought a smile to Mr. Smith's face.

  5. Da hast du sicher recht,
    die Geschichten hinter den Karten, wären bestimmt faszinierend, man kann sie nur erahnen, aber auch das ist schon spannend.
    Ich wünsch dir ne schöne Woche

  6. Lovely card and message - though I think the sender might be damning his with faint praise! ; )

    Sad to think that we're going to be remembered mostly through email transcripts...

  7. Email transcripts! Oh, no. You mean somebody keeps those things? Argghhh. O.K. I don't mean to overreact, but I sure hope that's not our legacy.



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